Here at Askam we are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and the ways in which our everyday actions affect the climate.

We are proud to say that through the use of hybrid solar technology and a super silent automatic back-up generator, the self-sufficient Nixon Solar Pod is providing sustainable power to our new project at Euro Central.

Over the last century the burning of fossil fuels has risen, affecting our climate, and this extraordinary piece of equipment is set to take the industry by storm and make a significant impact in reducing global carbon emissions.

The Nixon Solar Pod combines solar PV, battery storage, a back-up generator and a 400-liter fuel tank in a safe and secure self-contained unit. Designed for medium sized sites, one Solar Pod can power as many as 5 trailers from a single Pod.

How it works

1. During daylight hours free energy is harvested from the sun into the battery bank.
2. Power is used and discharges the battery bank.
3. High demand spikes. If power is greater than the battery bank output the system automatically activates the generator.
4. At peak power the generator, battery bank and solar provide power simultaneously.
5. If batteries are depleted and there is low light the generator will supply power to batteries and output sockets.