Public Realm

This section of works is considered the ‘showpiece’ of a company’s abilities.

The finished work, no matter where it is constructed must be completed to perfection simply because the public will see it every day, use it, walk through it or just sit to enjoy the view the space was created for.

For instance, if the works are a town centre, or a seating and relaxing area such as the Edward Roberts Courtyard at Lancaster University – then the public use it as a matter of course day in and out.

Any company that takes on Public Realm works usually has a team that excel at such projects and, at the finish, it is good to see the pride the staff have in their abilities to produce perfection.

Other Public Realm work can be monuments, works of art, or as in the case of Turn the Place Over in Liverpool – a complete one off for the Year of Culture, a daring piece of ‘artwork’ that made the public stand and stare.

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