Industry leading quality is assured on all our projects. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and operate a quality management system in accordance with this standard. Each of our projects has a bespoke quality plan and a specific test and inspection plan, ensuring that every aspect of the works is subject to rigorous quality control.

Each area of the business has documented procedures, forms and checklists that are completed for all tasks and are audited on a regular basis to comply with legislation.

Our Strategy

To ensure high quality service throughout the life of the project, we manage all projects following our developed contract procedures, including the following:

  • Strategic meetings at key project stages will be agreed from the outset of a project.

  • Programmes of works are drafted, discussed and agreed with all parties.

  • Our buying department receive fully documented material schedules and orders are placed with agreed delivery dates to coincide with our programme of works.

  • Test and inspection sheets are used as a monitoring tool for quality of delivery for all quality critical operations.

  • Weekly site meetings are held with subcontractors to track progress whilst on site, to discuss the safe methods of working to identify and manage any potential hazards and associated risks.

  • Technical query sheets are used to establish and resolve problems where unforeseen works arise.

  • Regular progress meetings are held with the Design Team, Client and End Users, so that any issues that arise are dealt with immediately.

  • Completion schedules and programmes are developed to use as a tool to ensure exact delivery of the project, on time, in budget and with zero defects.

The company aims to be a market leader in the fields of reduction of environmental damage and pollution programmes.


To ensure our standard of quality is implemented and maintained throughout the business, objectives are communicated to all employees. Training is given where necessary to keep our staff knowledgeable and maintain the right attitude. This all helps in the success and growth of our company and we believe that civil engineering starts with building people.

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